How to avoid catching cold on your flight…!!

How to avoid catching cold on a flight is the first priority for travelers. Many backpackers would swear that they get sick after every trip or vacation. They wonder if it was the food, water or the airplane ride. Imagine the scenario: you’ve booked a holiday and have been looking forward to it for months. Finally the ‘D’day comes and you en-route to your destination. Out of Office? On Passport? Boarded the plane? Yes, you’re almost there. Then, the dreaded happens you catch cold in this tight vacuum-sealed environment where there’s no escape. Catching a cold is the last thing you want on your trip. Airplanes are always filled with germs but during cold and flu season those germs are even worse and in some cases can even be deadly.


Tips to Avoid Getting Sick After Flying

Stay Hydrated:

It turns out that drinking plenty of water will not only counter the overall dehydrating effects. As traveling can also lead to headaches, stomach problems, cramps, fatigue, and more. Having water can actually improve immune mechanisms to function considerably better. Of course, this is the case in normal daily life too but in an airplane, where your nose and throat are on the front lines of the war with environmentally tight area having exceedingly dry air, these are the first places to suffer. Sipping water in every short slot of time throughout the flight may be more effective than drinking a lot of water at one time before or during the flight to avoid catching. This will keep your system protective from long dry spells.

Stay Hydrated


Choose your seat wisely:

This one can be a little tricky and difficult. While it’s impossible to know if someone on your plane is going to have a cold or where do they’ll sit, the chances you’ll get sick go up if you choose an aisle seat. So, its always better to choose a window seat for yourself to avoid catching cold.


Turn on your overhead vent:

Opening up your overhead vent is another superficial way to reduce the rate of cold outbreaks. The overhead vent will release clean air and improve circulation, moving those cold germs away from you.


Eat healthy food:

Before you load up with junk foods right before your flight, consider healthier options. Healthier food can help you strengthen your immune system.


Eat Healthy


Don’t forget your dental hygiene:

Just as keeping your hands clean can prevent transmission of germs, using a germ-killing mouthwash in-flight may add another layer of protection and also helping to keep your throat moist.


Wash your hands:

Remember in Kindergarten when your teacher specially stressed about washing your hands before and after pretty much everything? Those same rules also apply here. It can be with hand sanitizer or with soap and water, but it should be thorough so the germs will be destroyed and it will make you to avoid catching cold. Using disinfectant wipes to clean the areas around you, such as the seat belts and tray tables can be a good move.


Clean Hands


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