Difference between Headache and Migraine

Headache is a most common health problem nowadayzz. When there is a pain in your head, it could be difficult to tell whether you are having a typical headache or a migraine. As a very severe headache might be mistaken for a migraine. To differ a migraine from a typical one is very important. So, to get through a better treatment for faster relief and to prevent future headache occurring in first place.


What the pain is like

A normal headache gives the patient a feeling that an elastic band is squeezing his or her head. The dull pain across the head and neck, is usually mild but it can be extreme in some cases. It commonly last for few hours.

A migraine, in comparison, range from a moderate to very severe pain. Basically, at the front or the sides of the head. It can carry on for days not only for few hours.


Symptoms before the attack

The normal headache gives no warnings before it happens.

Though migraine gives warning signs beforehand. These symptoms can be visual, auditory or psychological.

  • Visually symptoms can be sensitivity to light, like wavy lines, flashing lights, dots, dark or colored spots.
  • Auditory symptoms may include speech and hearing disturbances.
  • Psychological symptoms include sudden change in mood, tiredness, thirst, hunger, confusion, feelings of fear, lack of control, memory changes and many more.



Certain factors are common migraine triggers, including:

  • Foods like red wine, chocolate, peanut butter, dairy products, and citrus fruits.
  • Hormonal swings associated with menstrual cycles or pregnancy.
  • Weather changes.
  • Certain smells.
  • Lack of sleep.

The cause of normal-type headache tends to be related to stress and tightness or tension in the muscles of the neck or scalp.

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